gas = gas masculine noun

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masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of GAS

: gas, vapor, fumes plural gas lagrimógeno tear gas

Examples of GAS

    una cocina de gas a gas cooker esta cerveza tiene mucho gas this beer is very gassy or fizzy asfixiar con gas a alguien to gas somebody una bebida con gas a fizzy drink una bebida sin gas a still drink el equipo jugó a medio gas the team played with the foot off the pedal el coche iba a todo gas the car was going full out or flat out (familiar) tenían el aire acondicionado a todo gas they had the air conditioning full on tuvimos que terminarlo a todo gas we had to work flat out to get it finished (familiar) la maquinaria electoral funciona ya a todo gas the electoral machine is now in full swing

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English Word: gas

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