grito = shout masculine noun

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masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of GRITO

: shout, scream, cry a grito pelado at the top of one's voice

Examples of GRITO

    a gritos at the top of one's voice ¡no des esos gritos! stop shouting like that! llorar a gritos to weep and wail pegar or lanzar un grito to cry out gritos de protesta shouts of protest esa chica está pidiendo un corte de pelo a gritos that girl badly needs a haircut es el último grito del lujo it's the last word in luxury el grito de Dolores the proclamation of Mexican independence (1810)

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Synonyms: voz, clamor, chillido, alarido
Sometimes Confused With: grito (gritar), gritó (gritar)

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