harto = most adverb

harto = full adjective



English Translation of HARTO

Examples of HARTO

una tarea harto difícil a very difficult task
llegaron harto cansados they were very tired when they arrived
lo sé harto bien I know that very well or all too well
te quiero harto I love you a lot
dormí harto anoche I slept a lot last night

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Sometimes Confused With: harto (hartar), hartó (hartar)




English Translation of HARTO

: fed up
mucho : a lot of, much
tiene harto dinerohe has lots of money

Examples of HARTO

¡ya estamos hartos! we've had enough!
¡me tienes harto! I'm fed up with you! (familiar)
estaban un poco hartos de tanta publicidad they were a bit tired of all the publicity
está harto de su jefe he's fed up with or sick of his boss (familiar)
está harto de no tener dinero he's tired or fed up (familiar) or sick of (familiar) not having any money
estamos hartos de que lleguen siempre tarde we're tired of or fed up with (familiar) or sick of (familiar) them arriving late
ocurre con harta frecuencia it happens very often or very frequently
tienen hartas razones para sentirse ofendidos they have plenty of reasons to feel offended
usaste harta harina you used plenty of or a lot of flour
hartos chilenos plenty of or a lot of Chileans
ha habido hartos accidentes there have been a lot of or plenty of accidents

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