huella = footprint feminine noun


English Translation of HUELLA


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Sometimes Confused With: huella (hollar)


feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of HUELLA

: footprint
seguir las huellas de alguiento follow in someone's footsteps
: mark, impact
dejar huellato leave one's mark
sin dejar huellawithout a trace
or huella digital, huella dactilar : fingerprint

Examples of HUELLA

seguir las huellas de alguien to follow in somebody's footsteps
sin dejar huella without leaving a trace
se le notaban las huellas del sufrimiento you could see the signs of her suffering
el presidente dejó huella inconfundible en el partido the president left his unmistakable mark or stamp on the party
aquello dejó una huella imborrable it left an indelible memory

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