indiferente = indifferent adjective



English Translation of INDIFERENTE

ser indiferente : to be of no concern
me es indiferenteit doesn't matter to me


un grupo de transeúntes indiferentes a group of unconcerned passers-by
esas imágenes no pueden dejarnos indiferentes those images cannot fail to move us
todo lo deja indiferente he's so indifferent to everything
permanecer or quedarse indiferente to remain indifferent
no podemos permanecer indiferentes ante esta terrible situación we cannot remain indifferent to this terrible situation
se mostró indiferente a sus encantos he remained indifferent to her charms
se mostró indiferente a la hora de decidir when it came to making a decision he showed no interest
ser indiferente a algo to be indifferent to something
a mí la política me es indiferente politics doesn't interest me
—¿desea salir por la mañana o por la tarde? —me es indiferente do you want to leave in the morning or the afternoon? — "it makes no difference to me or I don't mind"
es indiferente que vengáis hoy o mañana it makes no difference or it doesn't matter whether you come today or tomorrow
hablar de cosas indiferentes to talk about trivialities

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