it = él pronoun

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Spanish Translation of IT

(as subject; generally omitted) : él, ella, ello it's a big building es un edificio grande who was it? ¿quién era? one more and that's it uno más y se acabó
(as indirect object) : le I'll give it some water voy a darle agua give it time dale tiempo
(as direct object) : lo, la give it to me dámelo I don't understand it no lo entiendo stop it! ¡basta!
(as object of a preposition; generally omitted) : él, ella, ello behind it detrás, detrás de él
(in impersonal constructions) it's raining está lloviendo what time is it? ¿qué hora es? it's 8 o'clock son las ocho it's hot/cold hace calor/frío
(as the implied subject or object of a verb) it is necessary to study es necesario estudiar it's good to see you (me) da gusto verte it is known/said that… se sabe/dice que… it would seem so eso parece to give it all one's got dar lo mejor de sí

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