lío = confusion masculine noun

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masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of LÍO

familiar : confusion, mess
: hassle, trouble, jam meterse en un lío to get into a jam

Examples of LÍO

    ese lío de los pasaportes that fuss about the passports en mi mesa hay un lío enorme de papeles my desk is in a real muddle with all these bits of paper se armó un lío tremendo there was a terrific fuss se hizo un lío con tantos nombres he got into a muddle with all the names meterse en un lío to get into trouble tener un lío con alguien to be having an affair with somebody ¡no me vengas con líos! less of your tales!

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Antonyms: claridad
Sometimes Confused With: lío (liar), lió (liar)

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