ligero = light adjective

ligero, ligera


English Translation of LIGERO

: light, lightweightuna blusa ligerita a light or lightweight or thin blouse construido con materiales ligeros built from lightweight materials hemos cenado algo ligero we had something light for dinner vas muy ligero de ropa para esta época del año you're very lightly or flimsily dressed for this time of the year fotos de chicas ligeras de ropa photos of scantily clad girls ligero como una pluma as light as a feather sopla un ligero viento a light wind is blowing
: slight, minorel más ligero ruido lo despierta he wakes at the slightest noise un ligero conocimiento de alemán a slight knowledge or a smattering of German tengo la ligera sospecha de que nos hemos equivocado I have a sneaking suspicion that we've made a mistake
: agile, quickligero de dedos quick-fingered ligero de pies quick después del régimen me siento mucho más ligera after the diet I feel a lot lighter on my feet or a lot more agile
: lighthearted, superficialno deberías ser tan ligera con estos asuntos you shouldn't be so flippant or frivolous about these things no se pueden hacer las cosas a la ligera you shouldn't act so rashly es obvio que lo has hecho muy a la ligera it's obvious that you rushed it or did it too quickly no podemos juzgar su conducta a la ligera we shouldn't jump to conclusions about his behavior

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