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feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of MANCHA

: stain, spot, mark mancha de sangre bloodstain había manchas de sangre por el suelo there were bloodstains on the floor procura que no te queden manchas en la camisa try not to get stains on your shirt las manchas de grasa salen mejor con agua caliente oil stains come out better with hot water han salido manchas de humedad en la pared damp patches have appeared on the wall quitar una mancha to get a mark or stain out los leopardos tienen la piel a manchas leopards have spotted coats or spots le han salido unas manchas rojizas en la cara his face has come out in reddish spots
: blemish, blot una mancha en su reputación a blemish on his reputation una mancha en su honor a stain on his honor la expulsión del colegio fue una mancha en su expediente his expulsion from school was a black mark or a blot on his record esa derrota fue la única mancha en una excelente temporada that defeat was the only blot on an otherwise excellent season la mancha del pecado the taint of sin sin mancha impeccable
: patchmanchas de bosque bajo patches of scrubland un cachorro blanco con manchas marrones a white puppy with brown patches

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Synonyms: mácula; tacha, deshonra
Sometimes Confused With: mancha (manchar)

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