maravilla = wonder feminine noun

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feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of MARAVILLA

: wonder, marvel a las mil maravillas wonderfully, marvelously hacer maravillas to work wonders

Examples of MARAVILLA

    las maravillas de la tecnología the wonders of technology ¡qué maravilla de tiempo tenemos! what wonderful weather we're having! el concierto fue una maravilla the concert was wonderful pinta que es una maravilla she paints in the most wonderful way una dieta que hace maravillas con tu silueta a diet that works wonders for your figure hace maravillas con la flauta she plays the flute like a dream el horno funciona a las mil maravillas the oven works wonderfully (well) or beautifully or marvellously representa a maravilla ese tipo de poesía he is a wonderful or marvellous exponent of that type of poetry siempre nos hemos llevado de maravilla we've always got on like a house on fire (familiar) or wonderfully (well) or marvellously —¿cómo te va con el coche nuevo? —¡de maravilla! how are you getting on with the new car? — "really well!" or "great!"

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Sometimes Confused With: maravilla (maravillar)

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