mío = my adjective

mío = mine pronoun

1mío, mía


English Translation of MÍO

: my, of mine ¡Dios mío! my God!, good heavens! una amiga mía a friend of mine es mío it's mine
: mine es mío it's mine no es amigo mío he's no friend of mine

Examples of MÍO

    ¡Dios mío! my God! ¡hijo mío! my dear boy!

2mío, mía


English Translation of MÍO

(with definite article) : mine, my own tus zapatos son iguales a los míos your shoes are just like mine el mío/la mía mine este es el mío this one's mine

Examples of MÍO

    la mía está en el armario mine's in the cupboard lo mío: lo mío es tuyo what is mine is yours he puesto lo mío en esta caja I've put my stuff or things in this box

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