modelo = model adjective

modelo = model masculine noun

modelo = model masculine or feminine noun



English Translation of MODELO

: model
una casa modeloa model home
cárcel modelomodel prison
niño modelomodel child

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Sometimes Confused With: modelo (modelar), modeló (modelar)


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of MODELO

: model, example, pattern
se fabrica en varios modelosit comes in several models
un coche último modelothe latest-model car
presentar algo como modeloto hold something up as a model
servir de modeloto serve as a model
tomar por modeloto take as a model
modelo de vidalifestyle
un modelo de Valentinoa Valentino model or design


masculine or feminine noun
masculine or feminine noun

English Translation of MODELO

: model, mannequin
desfile de modelosfashion show
servir de modelo a un pintorto sit or pose for a painter

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