molesto = bothered adjective

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molesto, molesta


English Translation of MOLESTO

enojado : bothered, annoyedestaba muy molesta con su actitud she was very annoyed at their attitude ¿estás molesto conmigo por lo que dije? are you annoyed at me for what I said? ¿estás molesta por algo que haya pasado? are you upset about something that's happened?
fastidioso : bothersome, annoyinges una persona muy molesta he's a very irritating or annoying person es sumamente molesto que ... it's extremely irritating or annoying that ... una sensación bastante molesta quite an uncomfortable or unpleasant feeling lo único molesto es el viaje the only nuisance is the journey si no es molesto para usted if it's no trouble to you or no bother for you las faldas ajustadas son muy molestas tight skirts are very uncomfortable

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Sometimes Confused With: molesto (molestar), molestó (molestar)

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