monte = mountain masculine noun


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of MONTE

: woodland
monte bajounderbrush
: outskirts (of a town), surrounding country
monte de piedad : pawnshop

Examples of MONTE

el monte de los Olivos the Mount of Olives
el monte Sinaí Mount Sinai
los montes Pirineos the Pyrenees
los montes Urales the Urals
los montes Apalaches the Appalachian Mountains
los montes Cárpatos the Carpathian Mountains
los domingos salimos al monte a pasear on Sundays we go walking in the countryside
un conejo de monte a wild rabbit
batir el monte to beat for game
todo se le hace un monte he makes mountains out of molehills

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Sometimes Confused With: monté (montar), monte (montar)

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