moral = moral adjective

moral = ethics feminine noun



English Translation of MORAL

: moraltoda persona necesita una formación moral everyone needs a moral education tenemos la obligación moral de ayudarle we are morally obliged to help him demostró una gran fortaleza moral he showed great moral strength le daremos todo el apoyo moral que necesite we will give her all the moral support she needs ideas que quedan dentro del plano moral ideas which fall within the sphere of morality
—moralmente adverb

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English Word: moral


feminine noun

English Translation of MORAL

moralidad : ethics, morality, morals pluralla moral cristiana Christian morality una película de dudosa moral a film of dubious morality or morals no existe una moral absoluta there isn't an absolute morality
ánimo : morale, spirits pluralintentó subirle la moral al equipo he tried to boost the team's morale la victoria nos dio mucha moral the victory boosted our morale ando muy bajo de moral últimamente I've been feeling a bit low lately la moral se me cayó por los suelos cuando la vi con otro hombre my heart sank when I saw her with another man yo no habría tenido moral para hablarles así I wouldn't have had the moral courage to speak to them like that

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Synonyms: ética

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