nervioso = nervous adjective

nervioso, nerviosa


English Translation of NERVIOSO

: nervous, nerve sistema nervioso nervous system centro nervioso nerve center sistema nervioso nervous system
: high-strung, restless, anxious ponerse nervioso to get nervous crisis nerviosa nervous breakdown depresión nerviosa nervous depression

Examples of NERVIOSO

    ataque nervioso (attack of) hysterics ser nervioso to be highly strung es un niño muy nervioso he's a very highly strung or nervous child los foxterriers son muy nerviosos fox terriers are very highly strung estar nervioso to be nervous está nerviosa porque tiene un examen she's nervous because she has an exam está muy nervioso porque aún no han llegado he's very anxious because they haven't arrived yet esperaban nerviosos los resultados they waited nervously to hear the results los caballos estaban nerviosos antes de la tormenta the horses were restless before the storm poner nervioso a alguien to make somebody nervous

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