no = no adverb



English Translation of NO

(indicating a negative response) : no ¿quieres más?—no, gracias do you want more?—no, thanks ¿la conoces?—no do you know her?—no
: no, not no sé I don't know no tengo ni idea I have no idea ¡no hagas eso! don't do that! no le gusta she doesn't like it no es fácil it's not easy creo que no I don't think so no puedo ver nada I can't see a thing, I can't see anything no hay nadie there's no one there es interesante, ¿no? it's interesting, isn't it? se casó—¡no! he got married—no way!
: non- no fumador non-smoker
¡como no! : of course!
no bien : as soon as, no sooner

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