os = you plural pronoun


plural pronoun
plural pronoun

English Translation of OS

objective form of vosotros
Spain : you, to you
os veo prontoI'll see you soon
os quiero muchoI love you very much
no os oigoI can't hear you
os lo diI gave it to you
os lo compréI bought it from you
¿os han arreglado ya el ordenador?have they fixed the computer for you yet?
lavaos las manoswash your hands
cuando os marchéiswhen you leave
no hace falta que os quitéis el abrigoyou don't need to take your coats off
: yourselves, to yourselves
¿os habéis hecho daño?did you hurt yourselves?
: each other, to each other
quiero que os pidáis perdónI want you to say sorry to each other
¿os conocéis?have you met? or do you know each other?

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