para = for preposition



English Translation of PARA

(indicating a recipient) : for un regalo para ti a present for you
(indicating a purpose or goal) : for la comida es para la fiesta the food is for the party ¿para qué? what for?
(indicating comparison) : for alta para su edad tall for her age es bueno para lo que cuesta it's good for what it costs
: for (a time) una cita para el lunes an appointment for Monday
: to (a time) faltan cinco para las ocho it's five (minutes) to eight
: around, by (a time) para mañana estarán listos they'll be ready by tomorrow
: to, towards para adelante/atrás forwards/backwards para la derecha/izquierda to the right/left van para el río they're heading towards the river
(used before an infinitive) : to, in order to lo hace para molestarte he does it to annoy you para no ser visto in order not to be seen
(used before an infinitive) : to estoy listo para salir I'm ready to leave demasiado joven para entender too young to understand lo compré para devolverlo el mismo día I bought it only to return it the same day
para que : so, so that, in order that te lo digo para que sepas I'm telling you so you'll know

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Synonyms: hacia
Sometimes Confused With: para (parar), para (parir)

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