parecido = similar adjective

parecido = resemblance masculine noun




English Translation of PARECIDO

: similar, alike
tienen apellidos parecidosthey have similar surnames
las casas son todas parecidasthe houses are all similar or alike
nunca he visto cosa parecidaI've never seen anything like it
ser parecido a algobe like something
mi reloj es muy parecido al tuyomy watch is very similar to yours
ser parecido a alguiento look like somebody
bien parecido : good-looking
no es mal parecidashe's not bad-looking

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Sometimes Confused With: parecido (parecer)


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of PARECIDO

: resemblance, similarity
tener un parecido conto bear a resemblance to
yo no te veo el parecido con tu hermanoI can't see the resemblance or likeness between you and your brother
hay un gran parecido entre las dos historiasthere is a great resemblance or likeness between the two stories
tiene un cierto parecido con Marlon Brandohe bears a slight resemblance to Marlon Brando

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