paso = dried adjective

paso = passage masculine noun

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1paso, pasa


English Translation of PASO

: dried ciruela pasa prune

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Sometimes Confused With: paso (pasar), pasó (pasar)


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of PASO

: passage, passing de paso in passing, on the way estar de paso to be passing through el paso del tiempo the passage of time
: way, path abrir/dejar paso a to make way for ceda el paso yield prohibido el paso do not enter, no entry
: crossing paso de peatones crosswalk paso elevado overpass paso subterráneo underpass, tunnel paso a desnivel underpass, overpass paso a nivel railroad crossing
: pass (through mountains) salir del paso to get out of a jam
: step dar un paso para adelante/atrás to take a step forward/back estar a un paso de to be within spitting distance of oír pasos to hear footsteps
: step (in a process) paso a paso step by step un paso positivo a step in the right direction
: pace, gait a buen paso quickly, at a good rate a este paso at this rate

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Antonyms: lejos

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