pata = paw feminine noun

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feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of PATA

: paw, leg (of an animal)
: foot, leg (of furniture)
patas de gallo : crow's-feet
meter la pata familiar : to put one's foot in it, to make a blunder

Examples of PATA

    una chaqueta de pata de gallo a houndstooth jacket pata delantera front leg pata trasera back or hind leg un fútbol de pata negra top-notch football (familiar) quita la pata, que no veo get your leg out of the way, I can't see (familiar) es un diccionario con dos patas he's a walking dictionary entró saltando a la pata coja he came hopping in después de la mudanza estaba toda la casa patas arriba after the move the whole house was in a complete mess or was topsy-turvy (familiar) estaba escrito a la pata la llana it was written in plain language aunque se ha hecho famosa, se sigue comportando a la pata la llana although she has become famous, she is as down to earth as ever

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