patente = obvious adjective

patente = patent feminine noun



English Translation of PATENTE

patentemente adverb

Examples of PATENTE

es prueba patente de su ineficacia it's clear proof of his inefficiency
me decepcionó su patente desinterés I was disappointed by his patent or clear lack of interest
su enojo era patente his annoyance was plain to see
la culpabilidad era patente en su rostro he had guilt written all over his face
aquella reacción hizo patente su rencor that reaction clearly showed or revealed his resentment
con ese comentario su ignorancia quedó patente with that comment his ignorance became patently clear or obvious

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Sometimes Confused With: patenté (patentar), patente (patentar)


feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of PATENTE

: patent
Argentina, Chile, Uruguay : license plate

Examples of PATENTE

derechos de patente patent rights
de patente first-rate
se cree que tiene patente de corso he thinks he's got a licence to do whatever he pleases

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