pegado = glued adjective

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pegado, pegada


English Translation of PEGADO

: glued, stuck, stuck togetherme desperté con los ojos pegados I woke up with my eyes stuck together ¿está bien pegada la foto? is the photo stuck on properly? el póster estaba pegado a la pared con chinchetas the poster was stuck or fixed to the wall with drawing pins se tira las horas pegada al ordenador she spends hours glued to the computer se pasan el día pegados a los libros they spend all day with their noses stuck in books (familiar) está todo el día pegado a su madre he's a real mother's boy
pegado a : right next topegado a algo: el estadio está pegado al río the stadium is right beside the river íbamos muy pegados al coche de delante we were right behind the car in front pon el piano pegado a la pared put the piano right up or flush against the wall la lámpara estaba muy pegada al techo the lamp was almost touching the ceiling los corredores iban muy pegados unos a otros the runners were bunched together

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Synonyms: contiguo, unido
Sometimes Confused With: pegado (pegar)

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