pinta = dot feminine noun

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feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of PINTA

: dot, spot
: pint
familiar : aspect, appearance las peras tienen buena pinta the pears look good
pintas feminine plural noun Mexico : graffiti

Examples of PINTA

    una tela a pintas azules a cloth with blue spots una pinta de grasa a grease spot por la pinta by the look of it tener buena pinta to look good tener pinta de listo to look clever tiene pinta de criminal he looks like a criminal tiene pinta de español he looks Spanish ¿qué pinta tiene? what does he look like? con esa(s) pinta(s) no puedes ir you can't go looking like that ¿a qué pinta? what's trumps?

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Sometimes Confused With: pinta (pintar)

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