plan = plan masculine noun


masculine noun

English Translation of PLAN

: plan, strategy, program plan de inversiones investment plan plan de estudios curriculum ¿qué planes tienes para este verano? what are your plans for the summer?
plano : plan, diagram
: attitude, intent, purpose ponte en plan serio be serious estamos en plan de divertirnos we're looking to have some fun este niño está en un plan imposible this child is really playing up

Examples of PLAN

    no tengo planes para el futuro I have no plans for the future mi plan era comprar otro nuevo my idea or intention was to buy a new one tengo un plan estupendo para mañana I've got a splendid idea about what to do tomorrow ¿tienes plan para esta noche? have you got a date for tonight? si te pones en ese plan if that's your attitude como sigas en ese plan if you go on like that lo hizo en plan bruto he did it in a brutal way viajar en plan económico to travel cheap en plan de: lo dije en plan de broma I said it as a joke or for a laugh vamos en plan de turismo we're going as tourists

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