plano = flat adjective

plano = map masculine noun

1plano, plana


English Translation of PLANO

: flat, level, planetiene los pies planos he has flat feet es muy plana de pecho she is very flat-chested

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Synonyms: liso
Sometimes Confused With: plaño (plañir), plañó (plañir)


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of PLANO

plan : map, planlevantar el plano de to survey
: plane (surface)
nivel : level en un plano personal on a personal level están en un plano distinto they're on a different plane de distinto plano social of a different social plane or position
: shot (in photography)unos preciosos planos de elefantes some beautiful elephant shots un primer plano a close-up en primer plano in close-up estar en (un) segundo plano to be in the background
de plano : flatly, outright, directly se negó de plano he flatly refused de plano: caer de plano to fall flat confesar de plano to make a full confession le daba el sol de plano the sun shone directly on it rechazar algo de plano to turn something down flat

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Synonyms: mapa, carta

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