pulso = pulse masculine noun


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of PULSO

: pulse
tomarle el pulso a alguiento take someone's pulse
tomarle el pulso a la opiniónto sound out opinion
: steady hand
dibujo a pulsofreehand sketch
a pulsothrough effort, through hard work

Examples of PULSO

tomar el pulso a alguien to take somebody's pulse
la Iglesia ha perdido el pulso de la sociedad the church has lost touch with society
tomar el pulso a la opinión pública to sound out public opinion
tomar el pulso al mercado to gauge the mood of the market
tener buen pulso to have a steady hand
tener mal pulso to have an unsteady hand
tener pulso to have a good aim
con pulso firme with a firm hand
le tiembla el pulso his hand is shaking
levantar algo a pulso to lift something with one hand
levantar una silla a pulso to lift a chair with one hand
tomar un mueble a pulso to lift a piece of furniture clean off the ground
dibujo (hecho) a pulso freehand drawing
el pulso entre el gobierno y la oposición the confrontation or showdown between the government and the opposition
echar un pulso a alguien to have a trial of strength with somebody
con mucho pulso with great tact

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Sometimes Confused With: pulso (pulsar), pulsó (pulsar)

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