punta = tip feminine noun


feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of PUNTA

: tip, end punta del dedo fingertip en la punta de la lengua at the tip of one's tongue
: point (of a weapon or pencil) punta de lanza spearhead
: bunch, lot una punta de ladrones a bunch of thieves
a punta de : by, by dint of

Examples of PUNTA

    la punta de los dedos the fingertips colocad la punta del pie hacia arriba point your toes upwards vivimos en la otra punta de Barcelona we live on the other side of Barcelona se sentó en la otra punta de la mesa she sat at the other end of the table nos recorrimos la ciudad de punta a punta we went from one end of the city to the other me leí el periódico de punta a cabo I read the paper from cover to cover un rotulador de punta fina a felt-tip pen with a fine point un cuchillo con punta a pointed knife una estrella de cinco puntas a five-pointed star tenía todo el pelo de punta her hair was all on end

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