rato = while masculine noun


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of RATO

: while
pasar el rato : to pass the time
a cada rato : all the time, constantly
les sacaba dinero a cada ratohe was always taking money from them
al poco rato : later, shortly after
pasar un mal rato : to have a bad/hard/tough time

Examples of RATO

lleva bastante rato hablando he's been talking for quite a while or for quite some time
hace rato que se fue he left a while ago
hablamos largo rato we talked a long time
déjalo para más rato leave it for later
nos vemos más rato see you later
¿vas a tardar mucho rato? will you be long?
tenemos carretera para rato we still have quite a way to go
tenemos para rato con este trabajo we still have quite a lot to do to get this work finished
aún queda presidente para rato the president will still be around for some time to come
durante el rato que estuve esperando during the short time I was waiting
estoy encantada de haber tenido este rato para charlar contigo I'm delighted to have had this time to chat to you
en esos ratos me olvido de todo at such moments I forget about everything
ya lo llamaré otro rato I'll call him back another time
dile que se ponga otro rato al teléfono can you call her back to the phone for a minute?
¡hasta otro rato! so long!
al cabo de un rato dijo ... after a (short) while he said ...
dentro de un rato in a (short) while
solo estuvo allí un rato he was only there a (short) while
todavía tardará un rato en salir it'll still be a while before he comes out
me quedaré un rato más I'll stay a bit longer
me tuvo esperando un buen rato she kept me waiting a good while or quite some time
escríbeme cuando tengas un rato write to me when you have a spare moment
no regresó hasta pasado un buen rato he didn't come back for a while
estos hijos no dan más que malos ratos these children give you nothing but grief
mujer, no te des mal rato don't let yourself be upset
me hizo pasar un mal rato I had a terrible time because of him
pasar el rato to pass the time
al poco rato sonó el teléfono shortly afterwards or shortly after or a short while later the phone rang
llamaron al poco rato de irte they called a short while after or shortly after you left
al rato viene he'll be here soon or in a (short) while
voy a comer al rato I'm going to eat soon or in a moment
caminaba despacio, parándose a cada rato she walked slowly, stopping all the time or every other minute
a ratos, me parece sincero y a otros no at times he seems sincere and at other times not
el enfermo solo se levanta a ratos the patient only gets up from time to time or now and again
trabajo en el jardín a ratos perdidos I work in the garden in my spare moments
es un rato difícil it's pretty tricky (familiar)
es un rato listo he's pretty smart (familiar)
pesan un rato they weigh quite a bit
sabe un rato largo de matemáticas she knows quite a bit of maths (familiar)

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