rato = while masculine noun


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of RATO

pasar el rato : to pass the time
a cada rato : all the time, constantly les sacaba dinero a cada rato he was always taking money from them
al poco rato : later, shortly after

Examples of RATO

    lleva bastante rato hablando he's been talking for quite a while or for quite some time hace rato que se fue he left a while ago hablamos largo rato we talked a long time déjalo para más rato leave it for later nos vemos más rato see you later ¿vas a tardar mucho rato? will you be long? tenemos carretera para rato we still have quite a way to go tenemos para rato con este trabajo we still have quite a lot to do to get this work finished aún queda presidente para rato the president will still be around for some time to come durante el rato que estuve esperando during the short time I was waiting

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