relieve = relief masculine noun


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of RELIEVE

: relief, projection
mapa en relieverelief map
letras en relieveembossed letters
poner en relieve : to highlight, to emphasize

Examples of RELIEVE

alto relieve high relief
bajo relieve bas-relief
en relieve in relief
estampar or grabar en relieve to emboss
un país de relieve montañoso a mountainous country
un personaje de relieve an important or prominent figure
dar relieve a algo to lend importance to something
la asistencia del ministro dio relieve a la celebración the minister's presence lent an added importance to the event
poner algo de relieve to highlight something
el colapso circulatorio puso de relieve la falta de planificación the traffic chaos highlighted the lack of planning

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English Word: relieve

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