resentirse = to suffer reflexive verb


reflexive verb
reflexive verb

English Translation of RESENTIRSE

reflexive verb
: to suffer, to be weakened
ofenderse : to be/get upset
se resintió porque la insultaronshe got upset when they insulted her, she resented being insulted
resentirse de : to feel the effects of
: to feel (effects, etc.)
: to resent

Examples of RESENTIRSE

resentirse con or por algo to resent something
con los años se resintió su salud his health suffered or was affected over the years
los cimientos se resintieron con el terremoto the foundations were weakened by the earthquake
sin que se resienta el dólar without the dollar being affected
resentirse de to suffer from
resentirse de las consecuencias de to feel the effects of
me resiento todavía del golpe I can still feel the effects of the injury

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