risa = laughter feminine noun


feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of RISA

dar risa : to make laugh me dio mucha risa I found it very funny
familiar morirse de la risa : to die laughing, to crack up

Examples of RISA

    el libro es una verdadera risa the book is a real laugh hubo risas there was laughter daba risa la manera en que lo explicaba it was so funny the way he told it me dio la risa I got (a fit of) the giggles no es cosa de risa it's no laughing matter le pagan un sueldo de risa they pay him a pittance me entró la risa I got (a fit of) the giggles ¡qué risa! ¿cómo se llama este humorista? he's hilarious or so funny! what's that comedian's name again? ¡qué risa, casi se cae de culo! what a laugh or it was so funny or it was such a laugh, she nearly fell on her backside! no te tomes a risa todo lo que te digo don't treat everything I tell you as a joke

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