rumbo = direction masculine noun


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of RUMBO

: direction, course
con rumbo abound for, heading for
perder el rumboto go off course, to lose one's bearings
sin rumboaimless, aimlessly

Examples of RUMBO

corregir el rumbo to correct one's course
perder el rumbo to go off course
poner rumbo a to set a course for
acababa de despegar con rumbo a Rumanía it had just taken off for Romania
zarparon con rumbo sur they set a southerly course
sin rumbo (fijo) aimlessly
una existencia sin rumbo an aimless existence
los acontecimientos han tomado un nuevo rumbo events have taken a new turn
los nuevos rumbos de la estrategia occidental the new lines of western strategy
viajar con rumbo to travel in style

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