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auxiliary verb
auxiliary verb

Spanish Translation of SHOULD

past of shall
auxiliary verb
(expressing a condition) if he should die si muriera if they should call, tell me si llaman, dímelo
(indicating what is proper, required, or desirable) they should be punished deberían ser castigados what time should we meet? ¿a qué hora nos encontramos?
(indicating a preferred thing that did not happen) I should have realized tendría que haberme dado cuenta he shouldn't have said it no debería haberlo dicho
(expressing polite thanks) you shouldn't have gone to all that trouble! ¡no deberías haberte molestado tanto!
(expressing a wish) you should have seen her face! ¡tendrías que haber visto la cara que puso!
(requesting an opinion) what should I do? ¿qué hago?
(expressing opinions, feelings, etc. about someone's words or behavior) (it's) funny you should say that—I was just thinking the same thing ¡qué casualidad! estaba pensando lo mismo
(used for emphasis) I should hope so/not! ¡faltaría más!
(expressing probability) they should arrive soon deben (de) llegar pronto why should he lie? ¿porqué ha de mentir?

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