solo = alone adjective

solo = solo masculine noun




English Translation of SOLO

: alone, by oneself
me dejaron solothey left me on my own
lo hizo ella solashe did it all by herself
pasa los días solo en su cuartohe spends the days alone or on his own in his room
iré soloI'll go alone or on my own
dejar solo a alguiento leave somebody alone
me quedé soloI was left alone
se quedó solo a los siete añoshe was left an orphan or alone in the world at seven
: lonely
me siento muy soloI feel very lonely
único : only, sole, unique
hay un solo problemathere's only one problem
su sola preocupación es ganar dinerohis one or only concern is to make money
con esta sola condiciónon this one condition
hay una sola dificultadthere is only or just one problem
no hubo ni una sola objeciónthere was not a single objection
tendremos que comer pan solowe shall have to eat plain bread
cantar soloto sing solo
a solas : alone

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Sometimes Confused With: sólo , soló (solar)
English Word: solo


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of SOLO

: solo
un solo de guitarraa guitar solo
un solo para tenora tenor solo

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