sombra = shadow feminine noun


feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of SOMBRA

: shadowsólo vi una sombra I only saw a shadow Juan se ha convertido en tu sombra Juan follows you round like your shadow no es ni sombra de lo que era he's a shadow of his former self
: shadedar o hacer sombra to cast a shadow el ciprés da o hace una sombra alargada cypress trees cast a long shadow un árbol que da o hace sombra a shady tree no quiere que otros le hagan sombra he doesn't want to be overshadowed by anybody else ven, siéntate aquí a la sombra come and sit here in the shade luz y sombra light and shade se sentó a la sombra del olivo she sat in the shade of the olive tree medró a la sombra del presidente she flourished under the protection of the president
sombras feminine plural noun : darkness, shadows plural
sin sombra de duda : without a shadow of a doubtsin sombra de avaricia without a trace of greed no tiene ni sombra de talento he hasn't the least bit of talent

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