suppose = suponer transitive verb


/səˈpoːz/ transitive verb
transitive verb
supposed, supposing

Spanish Translation of SUPPOSE

transitive verb
assume : suponer, imaginarse
(let's) suppose that…supongamos que…
believe : suponer, creer
I suppose so/notsupongo que sí/no
(used in polite requests)
I don't suppose you could help me?¿tú no podrías ayudarme?
to be supposed to (indicating expectation or intention)
he's supposed to arrive todayse supone que llegue hoy
it was supposed to be a surprisese suponía que iba a ser una sorpresa
what's that supposed to mean?¿qué quieres decir con eso?
to be supposed to (indicating obligation or permission)
I'm supposed to study(se supone que) tengo que estudiar
you're not supposed to gono deberías ir
to be supposed to (indicating what others say)
she's supposed to be the bestdicen que es la mejor

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