tampoco = neither adverb



English Translation of TAMPOCO

: neither, not either ni yo tampoco me neither yo no lo compré tampoco I didn't buy it either tampoco lo sabe él he doesn't know either —yo no voy —yo tampoco I'm not going — "nor am I or neither am I or me neither" —yo no fui —yo tampoco I didn't go — "nor did I or neither did I or me neither" —nunca he estado en París —yo tampoco I've never been to Paris — "neither have I or me neither" —¿lo sabes tú? —tampoco do you know? — "no, I don't either" tampoco nos vamos a enfadar ahora por eso we're not going to fall out over that, are we? bueno, tampoco es como para ponerse a llorar it's not as if it's anything to cry about

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