tarde = late adverb

tarde = afternoon feminine noun



English Translation of TARDE

: latellegar tarde to be late ya es tarde para quejarse it's too late to complain now se hace tarde it's getting late se te hará tarde si no aligeras you'll be late if you don't hurry up un poco más tarde a bit later
tarde o temprano : sooner or later

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Sometimes Confused With: tardé (tardar), tarde (tardar)


feminine noun

English Translation of TARDE

: afternoon, eveninga las siete de la tarde at seven in the evening ¡buenas tardes! good afternoon!/good evening! tenlo listo a la tarde have it ready by the afternoon/evening en la tarde del lunes on Monday afternoon/evening el domingo por la tarde on Sunday afternoon/evening
¡buenas tardes! : good afternoon!, good evening!
en la tarde or por la tarde : in the afternoon, in the evening

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