tela = fabric feminine noun


feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of TELA

tela de araña : spiderweb
poner en tela de juicio : to call into question, to doubt

Examples of TELA

esta tela es muy resistente this cloth or fabric is very strong
usó una tela para hacer el remiendo she used a piece of cloth as a patch
un libro en tela a clothbound book
sacudir or soltar la tela to cough up (familiar)
el asunto tiene (mucha) tela or tiene tela (marinera) it's a complicated matter
—ya va por el quinto marido —¡tiene tela (marinera)! she's already on her fifth husband — "that takes some beating!" (familiar)
hay tela para rato there's lots to talk about
es tela de guapa she's dead or really gorgeous (familiar)

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