to = a un estado consciente adverb

to = a preposition



Spanish Translation of TO

: a un estado consciente to come to volver en sí
to and fro : de aquí para allá, de un lado para otro



Spanish Translation of TO

(indicating a place or activity) : a to go to the doctor ir al médico I'm going to John's voy a casa de John we went to lunch fuimos a almorzar
toward : a, hacia two miles to the south dos millas hacia el sur to the right a la derecha she ran to her mother corrió a su mamá
up to : hasta, a to a degree hasta cierto grado from head to toe de pies a cabeza the water came to my waist el agua me llegaba a la cintura
(in expressions of time) it's quarter to seven son las siete menos cuarto
until : a, hasta from May to December de mayo a diciembre
(indicating belonging or association) : de, con the key to the lock la llave del candado he's married to my sister está casado con mi hermana
(indicating recipient) : a I gave it to the boss se lo di a la jefa she spoke to his parents habló con sus padres listen to me escúchame
(indicating response or result) : a dancing to the rhythm bailando al compás the answer to your question la respuesta a su pregunta to my surprise para mi sorpresa
(indicating comparison or proportion) : a it's similar to mine es parecido al mío they won 4 to 2 ganaron 4 a 2
(indicating agreement or conformity) : a, de acuerdo con made to order hecho a la orden to my knowledge a mi saber
(indicating opinion or viewpoint) : a, para it's agreeable to all of us nos parece bien a todos it seemed odd to us nos pareció raro it's news to me no lo sabía it means nothing to him para él no significa nada
(indicating inclusion) : en cada, por twenty to the box veinte por caja
(indicating joining or touching) : a he tied it to a tree lo ató a un árbol apply salve to the wound póngale ungüento a la herida
(used to form the infinitive) to understand entender to go away irse I didn't mean to (do it) lo hice sin querer
(all) to oneself : para sí sólo

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