tonto = dumb adjective

tonto = fool noun

1tonto, tonta


English Translation of TONTO

a tontas y a locas : without thinking, haphazardly

Examples of TONTO

    venga, vente con nosotros, ¡no seas tonto! come on, come with us, don't be silly! ¡qué tonto soy! how silly or stupid of me! fui tan tonto que me dejé engañar por ellos I was silly enough to be taken in by them ¿tú te has creído que yo soy tonto? do you think I'm stupid? ¿me tomas por tonto? do you think I'm stupid? ¡y parecía tonto! and we thought he was stupid! ¿para qué esforzarse a lo tonto? why go to all that trouble for nothing? y a lo tonto, a lo tonto, se le pasó la mitad del día and before he knew it, half the day had slipped by piénsalo bien, no quiero que actúes/hables a tontas y a locas think carefully, don't just do/say the first thing that comes into your head esos jóvenes sin seso que solo hablan a tontas y a locas these silly youngsters who chatter away without even thinking what they're saying

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2tonto, tonta


English Translation of TONTO

Examples of TONTO

    soy un tonto, ¡nunca debí haberla escuchado! I'm such an idiot, I should never have listened to her! allí estaba, riéndome como una tonta there I was, laughing like an idiot el tonto del pueblo the village idiot has hecho el tonto no siguiendo sus consejos you were a fool not to take her advice

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