trance = critical juncture masculine noun


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of TRANCE

: critical juncture, tough time
: trance
en trance de : in the process of
en trance de extinciónon the verge of extinction

Examples of TRANCE

estamos pasando por un mal trance we're going through a difficult period or patch
aún no ha logrado superar el trance he still hasn't managed to get over what he's been through
puesto en tal trance placed in such a predicament
estar en trance de muerte to be at death's door
estar en trance de hacer algo to be on the point of doing something
último trance last or dying moments
a todo trance at all costs
entrar en trance to fall or go into a trance
estar en trance to be in a trance

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English Word: trance

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