trato = deal masculine noun


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of TRATO

: deal, agreement
¡trato hecho!it's a deal!
cerrar un tratoto close or clinch a deal
hagamos un tratolet's make a deal
: relationship, dealings (plural)
ya no tengo trato con ellaI don't have anything to do with her any more
no quiero trato con élI want nothing to do with him
romper el trato con alguiento break off relations with somebody
de fácil tratoeasy to get on with
no sé qué trato darle, si de tú o de ustedI don't know whether to address him as "tú" or as "usted"
dar a alguien el trato debidoto give somebody his proper title
: treatment
malos tratosill-treatment
daba muy mal trato a sus empleadoshe treated his employees very badly
es una persona de trato agradablehe has a pleasant manner

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Sometimes Confused With: trato (tratar), trató (tratar)

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