triste = sad adjective



English Translation of TRISTE

: sad, gloomy ponerse triste to become sad poner triste a alguien to make somebody sad me puse muy triste cuando me enteré de la noticia I was very sad when I heard the news
: desolate, dismal una perspectiva triste a dismal outlook
: sorry, sorry-looking la triste verdad the sorry truth hizo un triste papel he cut a sorry figure no queda sino un triste penique there's just one miserable penny left

Examples of TRISTE

    es triste verlo así it is sad to see him like that es triste no poder ir it's a pity or shame we can't go la triste verdad es que ... the sad truth is that ... me dieron un triste trozo de pan para comer they gave me a miserable piece of bread for lunch

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