usted = you pronoun



English Translation of USTED

(formal form of address in most countries; often written as {b}Ud.{/b} or {b}Vd.{/b}) : you
usted la conoceyou know her
¿a usted le gusta el café?do you like coffee?
con/para ustedwith/for you
esto es para ustedthis is for you
lo haremos sin ustedwe'll do it without you
—muchas gracias —a ustedthank you very much — "thank you"
(often written as {b}Uds.{/b} or {b}Vds.{/b}) ustedes plural : you, all of you
muchos de ustedesmany of you
gracias a todos ustedes podremos pagarlothanks to all of you we shall be able to pay it
pasen ustedes, por favorplease come in
a ver, niños ¿ustedes qué quieren para cenar?right, what do you children want for tea?

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