visto = obvious adjective

visto = approval masculine noun


past participle

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Sometimes Confused With: visto (ver), visto (vestir)

2visto, vista


English Translation of VISTO

: obvious, clearestá visto que el problema no tiene solución it is clear or obvious that there is no solution to the problem estaba visto que la historia terminaría en boda you could tell that they would end up getting married
estar bien visto : to be approved oflo que está bien visto the done thing no está bien visto dentro del sindicato he's not very well thought of or highly regarded in the union
estar mal visto : to be frowned uponestaba mal visto que una mujer saliera sola it was not the done thing for a woman to go out alone
por lo visto : apparentlypor lo visto, no les interesa apparently or from what I can see, they are not interested —¿no ha venido el cartero todavía? —por lo visto no hasn't the postman come yet? — "apparently not" or "it would appear not"
nunca visto : unheard-oftres derrotas consecutivas es lo nunca visto en este estadio three defeats in a row is unheard of or has never happened before in this stadium el ministro, cosa nunca vista, hizo unas declaraciones en contra del presidente the minister spoke out against the president, something which is unheard of
visto que : since, given thatvisto que no nos hacían caso nos fuimos since they took no notice of us we left


masculine noun

English Translation of VISTO

visto bueno : approvalvuestra propuesta no ha recibido el visto bueno your proposal has not been approved or didn't get the go-ahead (familiar) el juez ha dado el visto bueno para que se investigue el caso the judge has given his approval or given the go-ahead for the case to be investigated (familiar) dar el visto bueno a alguien para que haga algo to give one's approval for somebody to do something

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