vuelo = flight masculine noun

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masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of VUELO

: flight, flying alzar el vuelo to take flight alzar o levantar (el) vuelo to fly off remontar (el) vuelo: la cig£eña remontó (el) vuelo the stork soared (up) into the sky la economía empieza a remontar (el) vuelo the economy is beginning to take off
: flight (of an aircraft) vuelo espacial space flight se servirá un desayuno durante el vuelo breakfast will be served during the flight
: flare, fullness (of clothing)el vuelo de la falda the spread or swirl of the skirt falda de mucho vuelo full or wide skirt
al vuelo : on the wingtirar al vuelo to shoot at birds on the wing

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Sometimes Confused With: vuelo (volar)

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