Spanish Translation of WOULD

past of will
(expressing preference, desire, or willingness)
I would rather go alone than with herpreferiría ir sola que con ella
I would like to helpme gustaría ayudar
he would do anything for herharía cualquier cosa por ella
(expressing intent)
those who would ban certain booksaquellos que prohibirían ciertos libros
(expressing habitual action)
he would often take his kids to the parksolía llevar a sus hijos al parque
(expressing possibility or contingency)
I would go if I had the moneyiría yo si tuviera el dinero
I would if I couldlo haría si pudiera
(offering or requesting advice)
if I were you, I would do ityo en tu lugar lo haría
what would you do?¿qué harías tú?
(expressing probability)
she would have won if she hadn't trippedhabría ganado si no hubiera tropezado
(expressing a request)
would you kindly help me with this?¿tendría la bondad de ayudarme con esto?
would you mind waiting?¿le importaría esperar?

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